What Do YOU want to Achieve?

What is it exactly that you want to achieve in life? You have somewhere you want to be or something you want to achieve. The first step is realizing this and to start working towards what you want. It seems easy to say, “I wanna get in shape.” But there is a lot to it. You need to start working out, start eating right, and cut out unhealthy foods. This comes with every goal that you have, whether it be to get out of debt, start a business, or whatever you want to achieve. Here are 3 easy steps to fast track getting your goals done this year!

  1. Reevaluate your goals and set 2-3 goals that you can measure your progress with and that are realistic to achieve
    1. The key is to be able to measure your progress. If you don't track your goals you won't know how close you are getting and most likely will never get there.
    2. Examples: Lose 20 lbs, start a business and make my first sale, or run a 13 minute two mile.
  2. Write out your goals and post them where you will see them everyday and tell people around you what you are going to do. This will keep you accountable for your goals. I recommend putting them above your desk or on your mirror.
    1. If you keep them to yourself nobody else can keep you accountable. It's easy to slack when no one else knows what you are trying to achieve. Your friends and family will help you get there.
  1. Finally: Start today! Don't just make your list and say I'll start tomorrow. Start today! If you push it off a day it will snowball to a week and you will be no closer to your goals.
    1. If you start today you will be one day closer to getting sh#t done!

Remember even if you get off track, you are never out of the fight. Get back on track today and start working towards your goals. Do not let others put you down or discourage you from their goals. They are probably just jealous that they can't muster up the drive to get things done themselves!


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