Very Sh#tty Job (SGT Nacis USMC)

There was this one time in 2013 where my Marines and I had to clean the bathrooms because some female shoved a skivvy shirt into the toilet. Her actions resulted in all 6 toilets (3 in the male and 3 in the female) projectile vomiting the poop back into the head and all over the walls, floor and toilet respectively.
We, being the lucky boots at the time, had to suit up in poorly put together suits and tape trash bags over our boots so that we wouldn’t get human feces all up in our shit. The masks we had didn’t even help for the smell, it was just a barrier in case some of the poop water wanted to hop up into our mouths. The tools they gave us were a 5-gallon jug of industrial bleach, a hose, and two squeegees.
The worst part of it was that the shit was caked on the walls and we had to spray each spot for about 5 minutes and squeegee it off. Once all shit was somewhat on the floor we proceeded to direct the families of shit down the main drain. In the picture that’s when we were almost done but you can see shreds of shit paper and water littering the ground.

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