The Green Weenie @pop_smoke_official

***Random story of green weenie misery**


        2005 I was in the al-anbar province of Iraq in a Humvee on a snap vcp. It was the dead of Summer and ungodly hot, and of course the AC was broken, because why wouldn't it be? We had been there for several hours longer than we had been told we would be there and boredom, heat fatigue, and general exhaustion was starting to set in. 

     As a large man, I was already cramped in the small Humvee between the additional armor, radios, half dozen empty water bottles at my feet and other assortment of gear and equipment my legs begin to cramp and I thought to myself "how could this possibly get any worse?" as I wiped the sweat from my eyes and at that moment I felt something pop behind me... Then 3 liters of hot water drained from my now broken Camelback into my ass crack and I sat there for an additional 6 hours....


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