First Jump

Waiting... Waiting... Waiting...

"Chalk 1,2,3, and 12 stand up and head out to the C-17"

My heart started to race as my chalk walked out of the harness shed to the C-17. We all loaded up and I was in the very back. The C-17 took off and it all became real. We are all gonna be out of this plane really soon. The doors opened and the jump masters began their sequence of commands. But because I was the first to load the aircraft, I was gonna be the last out.

The C-17 made pass after pass, and slowly it began to empty out til my group was the last left. Our jump masters began to shout commands but I was just so focused on the fact we were going to jump.

"Outboard personnel stand up!"

I was not even nervous but just coming to grips with the reality in front of me.

"One minute!"

Before I knew it one minute was called. Since it had became muscle memory to check our equipment and hook up it had all just happened quickly without me even realizing. Then my knees began to shake. I looked down at my legs to see what was going on, I honestly wasn't nervous I thought but I guess it was my body's way of saying, "What the fuck are you doing?" 

"30 Seconds!"

Now I was just thinking okay any second now... any second now... any seco-


The line started heading towards the door. One by one everyone was going out. I made it to the safety, made eye contact, pivoted, saw the world flying by, and jumped out. The world was a green and blue blur as I waited for my parachute to open. I felt a tug and looked up. My parachute was open and I had just done my first jump.


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